to those who can’t feel God right now

I found this AMAZING read, He is always working on our life whether we see it or not, sometimes I struggle with being patient in this process called life.


If I’m going to be honest, lately I’ve been going through a “dry season” when it comes to feeling Christ in my life. I’ve learned there are plenty of others who feel the same way as me.

I remember being in high school and going through an extremely dry season with my faith. One Sunday, everyone at my church seemed to have their hands up praising God during the worship song. Their eyes were closed and their body position made it seem like God was hanging with them more than He was hanging out with me. How rude.

Maybe, I wasn’t good enough for God to listen to me.

The other day I got frustrated when I heard someone say “God spoke to me”. Does He actually speak to you?? Where’s my burning bush, my tingling feeling of Christ?

The truth though is: I am good enough for God. God wants me to run to Him eagerly, kneeling at His feet. God is crying out for us, as His children, to embrace Him, notice Him, and praise His goodness. He doesn’t care that I sometimes can’t raise my hands in church. He doesn’t care that you went too far in your previous relationship, that you struggle reading the Bible, or find yourself in a constant desire to want the world. He just wants you to come to Him, to repent and do life with Him.

I’ve learned God is working in my life daily. When I am dry, it is me, not Him. I just don’t notice it.

Dry seasons happen when we are too busy looking at the world. The truth is that God is right beside you, waiting for you, His child, to talk to Him. Like a mom waits by her phone for her college student to give her a phone call, God is waiting for you to embrace His love for you. Truth be told, very few people will ever hear God’s actual voice. God speaks through our life. God speaks through His creation, the beautiful seas and His Word. So just cause God didn’t “speak” to you doesn’t mean He isn’t communicating in a cool and powerful way. In fact right now God is up in Heaven, looking down on you desperately waiting to listen you your prayers, your trials, and your heartaches. He wants to hear you admit when you are struggling with your faith, because the struggle proves you are trying. He wants to hear about your hard day, the ex who can’t seem to get away, and your struggle with alcohol. He wants to talk to you like a friend, He wants vulnerability, not necessarily the perfect pretty prayers you say aloud when praying with a group.

We so often allow ourselves to be distracted by the world, instead of focusing on Christ. We focus on looking hot, more than seeking Christ. We focus on working out and getting a spring break bod, more than digging deeper into Christ’s word. We allow ourselves to idolize the temporary things of this world, forgetting our Father in front of us yelling “Child, I am here. Come to me.”

I remember in high school I never would appreciate my parents, and I would never notice all they would do for me. They were paying taxes, making me food, and continually pouring their love and life into me even when I didn’t notice it. Everything around me at the time was so temporary – from my high school friends to Geometry. Everything was temporary besides them.

God is there. Just because we don’t notice Him working in our life, doesn’t mean He isn’t doing anything behind the scenes. God is commanding the show. God is the director. God is there, we just don’t see and appreciate His hard work.

Dry seasons happen for a reason. They are reminders for you to have faith in God. Faith is believing without seeing. Faith is what we are called to live by; not by having all the answers or being able to comprehend God’s ways. When you step into an airplane you don’t always see a pilot, yet you have faith that He is there commanding the show. When you step into the elevator, you don’t see the the technology that helps you move up and down the building, yet you know you will get to the floor you push the button for because you have faith. When you wake up each morning, you may not feel God, have a burning bush, and be brought to your knees in awe of Him working, but He is there, He is commanding, and He is loving you immeasurably.

Your dry season is making your faith stronger and allowing God to work in your life in a new and beautiful way.

And if you ever doubt God’s existence and Christ, I challenge you to look at the mountains, the stars, a waterfall. Look at a rose, a puppy, and a kitten. There is no way something so beautiful could come from a 1 in zillion chance by science. There is no way with those odds it could not have someone commanding the show. Every masterpiece has an artist. And this artist says, “Child, I love you more than all those combined.” He looks down on you and says “You are mine.”

Have faith that the Lord is working even when you can’t feel Him, don’t feel moved by a worship song, or find doubts creeping in your thoughts. Pray, never lose faith, and talk to God like He is your friend. He is there, He is listening, and He cares.

Everyone has a dry season. Just ask the disciples, some of them still doubted God when He was right in front of them. God is communicating with you even when you can’t feel Him. Your faith may not be perfect 100% of the time, but how great is it that we serve a God who doesn’t ask us to be enough for the world? He doesn’t require your hand to be up when Oceans is played, and He doesn’t require you to completely understand His ways. All he requires is faith in Him. He says we are enough for Him the way we are, all we need is a little bit of faith.

The same God that rose a man from the dead wants to call you friend. How wonderful is that?


Matthew 7:7 “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

To those who can’t feel God right now


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